Regina Romero epitomizes the American Dream in the Southwest. Raised by immigrant farmworkers in Somerton, Arizona, Regina is the youngest of six children and began breaking barriers early on as the first member of her family to vote and the first to graduate from college. She is a proud graduate of the University of Arizona and holds a post-graduate certificate from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

In 2007, Regina became the first woman to represent Tucson’s Ward 1 on the Tucson City Council.  While on the Council, she has helped lift Tucson out of the Great Recession to its most prosperous decade in recent history, writing the City’s Primary Jobs Incentive program and calling for the Creation of an Economic Initiatives Office – both of which have resulted in thousands of long-term, good-paying jobs. She has championed issues such as equal pay for equal work and spearheaded the effort to pass universal earned sick and parental leave for City of Tucson families.

Regina is a proud mother of two bi-lingual, bi-cultural and bi-adorable children, Emiliano and Luciana, and has been married to Ruben Reyes for 15 years.

Accomplishments as a City Councilwoman:

  • Wrote the City’s Primary Jobs Incentive Program, which has resulted in hundreds of high-wage, long-term jobs in Tucson


  • Introduced Tucson’s 5-year economic recovery plan, which was critical to lifting Tucson out of the Great Recession and spurring economic growth


  • Worked with Mayor Rothschild, City Council, and Congressman Grijalva to bring in $63 million in federal funds to launch the streetcar project, resulting in hundreds of millions in private investment and the revitalization of downtown


  • Advocated for millions of dollars of public and private investment in projects such as the Cushing Street bridge, Mercado San Agustin, West End Station, Monier Apartments and facilitated the relocation of Caterpillar


  • Worked diligently to develop the City’s response to climate change


  • Championed water conservation efforts, including helping develop Tucson’s Water Service Area policy, which safeguards Tucson’s future water supply while protecting open space


  • Fought to protect the Tucson Origins Heritage Park, the birthplace of Tucson.


  • Staunchly advocated for the permanent protection of open spaces and environmentally sensitive areas, including Painted Hills and Tumamoc Hill


  • Led the effort to declare Tucson an “Immigrant Welcome City.” This included policies that prevent cooperation between the Tucson Police Department and federal authorities for the purpose of enforcing federal immigration laws.


  •  Led the City in passing a “No Border Wall” resolution prohibiting the City of Tucson from contracting with companies that profit off of the construction of Trump’s border wall


  • Led the Southern Arizona fight against Arizona’s racist SB1070 law


  • Protected the City’s KIDCO program from elimination, giving working families a safe place for their children to go after school and during the summer


  • Established a paid Cesar Chavez Holiday to recognize the Labor Movement’s contributions towards improving the lives of Tucson working families


  • Fought for the passage of paid sick and parental leave for Tucson families


  • Advocated for initiatives that have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in our parks, roads, and public transit systems


  • Worked to pass the City’s Complete Streets policy and successfully advocated for infrastructure improvements to protect pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike


  • Worked with the Mayor and City Council to fight the State Legislature and state laws that undermine Tucson’s charter and our ability to self-govern.

Meet Regina


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