My vision for Tucson is a safe, just, and sustainable City that provides economic opportunity to all Tucsonans. We have made significant progress over the past decade, but we still face tremendous challenges: an economy that too often works only for those at the top, a State Legislature that ignores our public schools, and a president that refuses to acknowledge climate change as basic science.


Tucson has a richness of talent, natural beauty and heritage that make us the unique place we call home. Only together can we continue to build our community to strengthen neighborhoods, aggressively combat climate change, support our students, improve our infrastructure, and build a stronger and more resilient economy that benefits all of us. As your next mayor, I will deliver solutions by:

Acting Boldly on Climate Change and Promoting Sustainability 

Climate Change is real and we must act boldly. Over the last decade on the City Council, I led major initiatives including the creation of Tucson’s Water Service Area Policy to protect our water supply, curb sprawl, and promote infill; I have championed the protection of pristine open spaces including Painted Hills and Tumamoc Hill; and as Mayor, I will fight for an aggressive city-wide climate resiliency plan that takes decisive action:


  • Launching a path for carbon neutrality by 2050; 50% by 2030

  • Planting one million trees across Tucson by 2030 to mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing utility bills, improving mobility, combating the urban heat island and cooling our city. 

  • Transitioning our city’s vehicle and bus fleet to 90% electric by 2032.

  • Installing more solar panels on city facilities, with a focus on Tucson Water facilities.

  • Developing local alternatives to overseas recycling and expanding our pilot compost programs to strive towards zero waste in our city. 

  • Continuing our internationally recognized water conservation programs and reducing our water use of 50 gallons per person per day by 2035.

  • Expanding our innovative water recharge programs like the Santa Cruz River Heritage project.

  • Accelerating the cleanup of TCE, 1.4 dioxane and PFOS at the Airport Superfund site and other brownfield sites.

  • Developing a robust and equitable green infrastructure program to manage flooding while harvesting stormwater to plant trees and reduce the urban heat island effect. 

  • Partnering with organizations like JobPath and the UA’s SmartScape program to create a climate mitigation career path for students.

  • Investing in residential energy efficiency programs and using federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) dollars to retrofit older homes in low income communities.

Improving Roads, Mobility, and Infrastructure with Innovative Solutions

Tucson’s ongoing road maintenance is only a fraction of city-wide mobility and infrastructure considerations and needs. Great cities have great transportation systems that provide multiple modes of safe and accessible transportation to all residents - whether you make your daily commute by foot, bus, bike, or car. Although the streetcar was a great step forward for Tucson, we need to expand our focus beyond downtown. As Mayor, I will fight for funds to fix our roads, improve mobility, and enhance connections throughout all areas of the City by: 


  • Establishing a Mayor’s task force to identify long-term dedicated revenue for road maintenance. 

  • Implementing an equitable Complete Streets Policy across Tucson.

  • Enhancing and investing in Tucson’s pedestrian and multimodal amenities. 

  • Restructuring the Transportation Department budget to reallocate resources to improve mobility and infrastructure.

  • Directing the immediate deployment of smart-city technology to improve traffic flow and prevent crashes, injuries and deaths into all current and future projects. 

  • Reducing single-occupant vehicle commuters from 76.5% to 50% by 2035.

  • Implementing a transit system that is affordable and reliable. 

  • Redefining the City’s voice within Pima Association of Governments and Regional Transportation Authority.

  • Prioritizing bus-rapid transit, road maintenance, and street-car expansion.

  • Driving the scope of the anticipated Regional Transportation Authority ballot initiative.

  • Supporting and partnering with Tucson Airport Authority (Fly Tucson) to bring direct flights to Tucson. 

Creating Good-Paying Jobs and a Strong Economy 

When I was first elected to the City Council in November of 2007, I would have never imagined the magnitude of the economic downturn. In response, I created a five year economic recovery plan that included tools and job incentives that helped lift Tucson out of the Great Recession. I believe we can, and must, do better. That is why I will lead with a 360 economic development approach that prioritizes housing affordability and equalizes the playing field for all to succeed by:


  • Facilitating and partnering with community agencies and key stakeholders to create individualized development corridor plans that leverage an overall vision for Tucson to further compliment long-range planning.

  • Supporting and funding an ecosystem of business incubators, accelerators and supporting small business growth.

  • Developing economic tools and a targeted incentive program for small and legacy businesses.

  • Partnering with Arizona Tech Council and UA Tech Park. 

  • Implementing a targeted economic incentive plan for the revitalization of major corridors, districts, and neighborhood hubs. 

  • Addressing commercial vacancy with sustainable economic incentives.

  • Building a stronger Tucson-Mexico-Canada trading relationship to maintain and grow Tucson as a center for international companies and banking. 

  • Promoting expansion of aero-space, optics, green high-tech, and biosciences industries in Tucson. 

Investing in our Youth and Ensuring Access to a Quality Education

My teachers and counselors are what made the difference between a life of working in the fields and being the first one in my family to attend college. Now, the mother of two children attending TUSD schools, I understand the importance of a seamless P-20 public education system that empowers all students to succeed. I have fought to protect the KIDCO after-school and summer program and marched alongside our educators during the #Red4Ed Movement. I have been endorsed by educators across the state and city [endorsements]. As Mayor, I will fight for our students by:


  • Expanding KIDCO to more sites in underserved areas including Amphi, Flowing Wells, and the East Side.

  • Lobbying our State Legislature to provide the full funding that our public schools, teachers, and students deserve. 

  • Establishing a Mayor’s Education Task Force to create a community focus on improving educational outcomes, graduation rates, and Higher Education Enrollment. 

  • Continuing support for community-led initiatives including the Community Food Bank BackPack Program. 

  • Deploying city-funded grants for programs that produce measurable outcomes.  

  • Directing continued funding to City Recreation Centers to support options for Tucson’s youth.   

  • Promoting solutions for free Community College.

  • Strengthening the Steps to Success program with TUSD.

  • Supporting Universal Pre-K initiatives 

Addressing Homelessness and Keeping Tucson Healthy and Well  

The health of Tucson’s residents is key to a healthy city. Our aging and vulnerable neighbors need policies that create a robust safety-net. We cannot address homelessness without first acknowledging its underlying causes such as mental and behavioral health, as well as housing affordability. I will implement a “housing-first” model that stabilizes individuals and families by first taking care of their most basic needs.  As Mayor, my holistic approach will be:


  • Coordinating and partnering with existing community initiatives on Health, Wellness, and Aging.

  • Working with community partners to address gaps in basic health services.

  • Supporting and replicating through enhanced funding the Neighborhood Cares Program to keep older adults living at home. 

  • Supporting efforts to provide additional funds for affordable elderly housing and home repair programs. 

  • Leveraging the Housing and Community Development Department’s role as the Lead Agency / Collaborative Applicant for the HUD Continuum of Care Program.

  • Developing programs to address both chronic homelessness and second wave homelessness due to lack of affordable housing.

  • Creating a “Housing First” director within the Mayor's office. 

  • Implementing “Harm Reduction” programs to address addiction.

  • Expanding behavioral health awareness training for first responders and City departments that have direct contact with the public.

  • Creating a Mayor’s Action Network to increase city-wide volunteerism.   

Keeping Tucson’s Residents Safe with Vibrant Neighborhoods

As a Councilmember, I consistently supported our first responders and advocated for a community-based approach when it comes to public safety. As Mayor, I will fight for policies that continue to engage our community and advance public safety by:


  • Expanding the Tucson Community Collaborative Care (TC3) program to divert non-emergency calls to approved community agencies and relieve strain on our emergency lines.

  • Strengthening the Community Policing Strategy, and shifting public safety service delivery with a focus on identifying opportunities for strategic collaboration that will help improve residents’ quality of life and safety.

  • Strengthening partnerships with nonprofits to reduce incarceration. 

  • Strengthening partnership with Pima County’s re-entry program for inmates to ease their transition back into society.

  • Building renewed partnerships with Pima County to reduce recidivism and strengthen existing programs to better serve the Metro Area.

  • Re-launching the City-County courts consolidation initiative. 

  • Advancing common-sense gun policies - such as comprehensive background checks, and bans on extended magazines and assault weapons - at the local, state, and federal levels that aim to reduce violence and keep our communities safe.

Managing Future Growth For a More Inclusive, Connected, and Healthier City

I have been a champion for thoughtful neighborhood infill and historic preservation, promoted sustainable community programs, balanced neighborhood and developer needs and worked to make Tucson a livable and healthier city for all. As Mayor, I will promote smart and sustainable growth that preserves our City’s culture and history by: 


  • Creating a Mayor’s task force on Growth and Development with an emphasis on integrating the following: land use, overlay districts, Major Streets & Routes, economic incentives, affordable housing, open space, and mobility. 

  • Activating the Adaptive Reuse Program city-wide to encourage reinvestment and reactivation of underutilized buildings. 

  • Leveraging public / private partnerships and economic incentives to create community benefit agreements, civic amenities, and community services such as transit and affordable housing. 

  • Directing the development of City-wide design standards to foster context sensitive infill. 

  • Protecting our heritage and historic resources, reviving policies to help protect historic neighborhoods, surveying our undocumented historic assets, overhauling the demolition permit program, and identifying dedicated funding to invest into Tucson’s Heritage. 

  • Establishing an Office of Arts and Culture to champion and sustain our heritage and strengthen existing programs including the UNESCO City of Gastronomy and Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Area.

  • Implementing the voter-approved $225 million bond package for capital improvements to city parks amenities including playgrounds, sports fields, pools, splash pads, and recreation centers.

  • Shifting towards a Village Planning model with more accountability and community input. 

  • Overseeing the update of Plan Tucson with a focus on long-range planning, including area and neighborhood plans. 

  • Strengthening the City - Rio Nuevo partnership to further promote economic development and focus on historic and cultural assets. 

Keeping Tucson Affordable

The economic recovery has left behind many of Tucson’s vulnerable communities and neighborhoods while spurring higher housing costs in the urban core. For over a decade on the City Council, I have championed affordable housing, as well as policies that foster inclusion and proactive oversight of the Housing and Community Development Department. As Mayor, I will focus on: 


  • Re-envisioning the Housing and Community Development Department to achieve its stated mission of: “Providing opportunities that empower people and strengthen our community.”  

  • Expanding Tucson’s affordable and workforce housing through the creation of an Inclusionary Zoning for Affordable Housing Program with requirements for affordable rental or for-sale units.

  • Strengthening the functions of the Metropolitan Housing Commission to define qualitative deliverables and reporting back to Mayor and Council with a focus on identifying new capital resources for affordable housing. 

  • Investing in the Pima County Community Land Trust to land bank and other strategies to establish and preserve affordable housing.

  • Partnering with the City of Tucson Industrial Development Authority to focus on first time and affordable lending, explore new solutions for affordable housing, and benchmark programs against national outcomes.  

  • Activating a City-wide enrollment program for seniors to utilize existing property tax relief programs. 

Delivering Equity, Inclusion, and Opportunity For All

On the City Council, I led Tucson in becoming an “Immigrant Welcoming City” and successfully led my colleagues in passing a “No Border Wall” resolution. As Mayor, I will lead by example in making sure all Tucsonans feel safe and welcome in our City – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, religion, or background by:


  • Prioritizing the creation of a City Race & Social Justice Initiative including an immigrant Advancement Agenda. 

  • Launching a criminal justice reform initiative to decriminalize victimless crimes.

  • Adamantly supporting Union’s rights to collectively bargain and fighting for livable wages and benefits for all City employees.

  • Expanding opportunities for Tucson’s refugee and immigrant communities.

  • Engaging with under-represented communities to effect change throughout Tucson and City Government. 

  • Establishing a Municipal ID program to support immigrants, re-entry and homeless populations. 

  • Establishing a Citizenship Initiative with annual Citizenship Days to assist Tucson residents with applications. 

  • Formalize governmental relationships with the Tohono O'odham and Pascua Yaqui Nations.  

  • Implementing a $15 minimum wage for City employees.