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Regina Romero - Tucson's Mayor

My vision for Tucson is of an equitable, sustainable city that provides economic opportunity for all Tucsonans and their families. I love serving as your Mayor. Together, we will continue moving Tucson forward.

Regina Romero's Campaign Chairs


Mark Kelly

Mayor Romero has been a great partner and more than an effective advocate on behalf of Tucsonans. She has proven herself to be a pragmatic, results-oriented leader who gets things done for our community. I am proud to support her and serve as co-chair for her re-election as mayor of our home, Tucson.


Karin Uhlich

Former City Council

I have always admired Mayor Romero’s bold and caring leadership. Having served in the Mayor/Council arena with her for over a decade, I witnessed firsthand her unique ability to deliver results for Tucson. She finds the best solutions to our challenges by listening closely to the community’s input, and holding onto our shared values and priorities. But that’s not enough to get things done in local government. Mayor Romero knows how to work with our community to make real progress and has shown that in record delivering results. She knows how to gain the support of the City Council and partner governments to pass policies and fund action, how to see programs through with City staff and evaluate the impacts on the ground, and in our day to day lives. From paving our streets to creating more affordable housing and good jobs, improving community safety and health to protecting our precious water and Sonoran environment, Mayor Romero gets it done.


Edna Meza Aguirre
Civil and Reproductive Rights Advocate

When my parents left Cananea, Sonora, Mexico, they brought to Tucson dreams of a better life for their children. In this wonderful community, I have been allowed the opportunity for my home, family, education, and career.  Years later I watched Regina Romero onstage at the Fox Theatre with her immigrant parents, who were the first to teach her a strong work ethic and obligation to give back. She took her first oath of office as a City Council member, Ward One. Since that day, Regina has consistently improved the lives of Tucsonans.  Her leadership is especially hallmarked with her outstanding handling of the 2020 Covid crisis, which began when she was just a new mayor.  Included among her achievements are making Tucson more environmentally sound, attracting small business to Tucson, providing us with better transportation options and creating more governmental transparencies.  For these reasons, I proudly support Mayor Regina Romero in her re-election as our mayor and am honored to serve as her campaign co-chair. I look forward to seeing what her next term will bring.

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