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Regina Romero - Tucson's Mayor

Mayor Regina Romero was elected in November of 2019, becoming the first woman and first Latina Mayor of Tucson. Raised by immigrant farmworkers in Somerton, Arizona, Regina broke barriers early on as the first member of her family to vote and the first to graduate from college. Prior to being elected Mayor, Regina Romero served as Ward 1 City Council Member from 2007-2019.

Mayor Romero is committed to creating Tucson as a sustainable, thriving desert city of the future through her policy priorities that include:

     • Creating a Climate Resilient Tucson
     • Support for Working Families including Housing Affordability
     • Investing in our Infrastructure and Parks
     • Robust Economic Development including Supporting Small Businesses
     • Equitable Access and Investment for All

Mayor Romero is the Chair of the Latino Alliance of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Co-Chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. She is an Inaugural Member of the Mayors Alliance to End Childhood Hunger. Mayor Romero is a member of the Climate Mayors Network a nationally-recognized voice on climate action.

Mayor Romero holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arizona and a post-graduate certificate from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. Regina is married to Ruben Reyes. They have two children, Emiliano and Luciana.

HERstory of Public Service




2005 - 2007



Youth Internship Coordinator in Pima County

During this time Regina Romero helped employ up to 450 kids each year.

U of A Graduate. B.A. in Communication

In 2000, Romero became the first in her family to graduate from the University of Arizona. In 2013, she earned a Certificate of Completion in State and Local Government at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. In 2021, Romero was selected as the Alumna of the Year by the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Neighborhood Reinvestment Coordinator in Pima county 

Demonstrated success in coalition building, connecting communities with local resources, and implementation of key projects. She very notably helped provide $3.5 million to the 20 neighborhoods she was working with.

Council Aide to Ward 3 Council Member Karin Uhlich

Tucson City Council Member - Ward 1 - Democrat

In  2007, Regina Romero was elected to serve as the first woman to represent Ward 1 on the Tucson City Council. During her time on the Council, Romero helped Tucson out of its Recession and transformed it to its most prosperous decade in recent history. While doing so, Romero proved herself to be a champion for issues such as acting boldly on climate change, affordable housing, infrastructure investment (including modernizing the streetcar, Luis G. Gutierrez bridge, neighborhood street lights, sidewalks, pocket parks, and beautification efforts across the city), immigrant and workers rights, and access to a high-quality education. Romero also helped create the city of Tucson's economic development office and 21 incentives for business creation to establish high wage, long-term jobs.

Tucson's Mayor

Regina Romero won the Tucson Mayoral race in November 2019 becoming the first-ever woman, and first-ever Latina Mayor of Tucson. 

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